Memorandum of cooperation with the Protection and Rescue Directorate

Guided by the need for inclusion of all entities in the Republic of Macedonia that have human, material resources, knowledge, and skills in the system for protection and rescue, increase and expanding mutual cooperation, and all this in the interest of the citizens of the country, the Protection and Rescue Directorate and Aeroclub Skopje on September 13, 2018, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Recognizing the lack of mutual cooperation, the two institutions agreed that they will work to solve mutual problems taking into account primarily state interests.

The Goals are an Effective Institutional Dialogue in the implementation of activities to promote, protect and improve aviation through the implementation of best practices and experiences.

Activities that can be performed are:

– Preventive surveillance for early detection of open-air fires

– Observation and engagement of the club’s aircraft in actions of the Protection and Rescue Directorate such as disinfection, fumigation, and similar in open spaces,

– Cooperation in the promotion, planning, and training of pilots

– Participation in projects of mutual interest

– Consulting and educational processes