Disposing chemicals and water from aircrafts

Two methods are employed for disposal of chemicals from aircrafts, as follows: Disposal by granulation method and Disposal by means of spraying.

A fully-automated aerial baiting system for distribution of vaccine baits is used when employing the granulation disposal method. This system has been developed in close cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, Germany and has been used in fighting Rabies, Echinococcus multilocularis and Hog Cholera.

The system allows equal distribution of vaccines and it automatically releases and records the coordinates of each individual vaccine. In this way, clear records are generated as to exact location of distribution of vaccines.

The Aero Club has been using this method for three years now for vaccination of foxes against rabies on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Disposing chemicals and water using this method is employed in delivering the following specialized services: eradicating invading insects in agriculture; preventing propagation of plant diseases in agriculture and forestry; destroying weeds and shrubs; eradicating animal pests.

Moreover, such specialized services include mosquito control measures consisting of spraying against larvae and adult mosquitoes for which the Aero Club has procured and has certified three of its aircrafts. Two planes, which are twin-engine aircrafts, are designed to safely fly low above cities and one single-engine plane for coastal areas, water surfaces and uninhabited suburban areas. According to the latest European regulations, single-engine aircrafts are not used in flights over populated areas due to safety reasons.
The planes are equipped with АU6539 atomizers (sprayers) which use rotating cylinder equipped with net producing micro droplets, or spray, of controlled size delivered in a controlled flow of several milliliters/minute up to 3 liters/minute. This atomizer has been designed to deliver a wide range of insecticides, fungicides and other products that are environmentally friendly and can be effectively applied in smaller quantities. Droplet size control ensures that the maximum amount of fluid is sprayed at optimum droplet size. This reduces product waste and pollution which might be caused in the event of spraying large droplets. Producers of these substances provide recommendations on the proper use of this system.

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