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If you have always dreamt about being a sport pilot or you want to build a professional career as a pilot, you are more than welcome at the Aero Club to make your first steps towards getting a Private Pilot License (PPL).

The Training Center is operating based on the Training and Private Pilot License Endorsement Programme and it focuses on providing standard training for student pilots. (МК JAR - FCL1). Mastering successfully all theoretical and practical aspects of this Programme allows student pilots to complete the training successfully and take the private aircraft pilot test.

Student pilots need to be 16 years of age or older to meet the pre-requisites before making the first solo flight, and at least 17 to be admitted to take the PPJ1(A) test.
The theoretical training consists of 130 hours. Student pilots are allowed to proceed to the practical part of the training only after having gone through training in the following subjects: Basic Introduction and Familiarization with Aircrafts, Performing and Planning Flights, Basic Principles of Flying and Communication. In the course of the actual flight training, student pilots are required to go through training in Meteorology, Navigation, Human Capacities and Limitations, Operational Procedures, Aviation Regulations and ATC procedures.

PPL(A) candidates need to accumulate at least 45 flight hours so they can be admitted to take the test. Based on the Flight Instruction Programme, it takes 123 flights to master all flying elements.

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