The first attempts at gliding in Macedonia date back to 1936 and were made by students from the Skopje's Male Gymnasium. At first, they were flying a “Ciling” glider plane, manufactured based on the plans that the members of the Aviation Company from Skopje had bought themselves. Just prior to the World War II, gliding became very popular in Skopje.

The Aero Club in Skopje houses a Glider Pilot Training Center approved by the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Training Center is delivering beginner and advance training. The beginner training is focusing on acquiring basic knowledge and skills which are a pre-requisite to obtaining a glider pilot license.

The Advance glider pilot training is designed to help candidates acquire various sets of skills and licenses, such as motor glider flying, night glider flights, flying in poor external visibility, glider aerobatic flying, flights for commercial purposes with a passenger onboard, glider pilots training instructor, glider aerobatics training instructor.

The pre-requisites that applicants need to meet to enter the beginner glider pilot training are as follows

  • Primary education;
  • 15 years of age or older (prior to the start of flying lessons);
  • Class 1 or class 2 medical certificate issued by an authorized Aviation Medical Committee;
  • In case the candidate is not of legal age, written consent provided by a parent/guardian agreeing to the training;
  • Personal identification document;
  • Signed declaration that the candidate is voluntarily joining the training.

The beginner training for glider pilot license consists of core ground training and flight training.

The core ground training consists of 106 hours, out of which 90 hours are purely theoretical training.

Candidates are required to attend training in the following subjects: Aviation Rules and Regulations, Introduction to Aircrafts, Flying Performances, Planning and Loading, Human Capacities, Meteorology, Navigation, Operating Procedures, Flying Theory and Radiotelephony.

The practical training consists of ground exercises and flying exercises. Ground training takes place before the start of flying exercises and its aim is to familiarize students with the glider used throughout the training, with the airport itself and with the operating procedures for airport utilization.

The Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia is responsible for organizing and conducting the glider pilot licensing test.

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