As an air sports discipline, skydiving has started developing in Macedonia after the World War II. The first parachute jump was performed back in 1938 by Aleksandar Trajkovikj.
The Aero Club Skopje is providing beginner and advance skydiving courses. Beginner skydiving courses are organized twice a year: in spring and in fall. Advance skydiving courses are offered throughout the year.

The first stage of each beginner skydiving course is the medical examination performed at the Aviation Medicine Centre. Next, candidates need to go through a 3-week training consisting of core ground training and flight training.

The pre-requisites required to enter the skydiving training are as follows:

  • candidates need to be 16 years of age or older;
  • they need to provide medical certificate for a Class 4 medical fitness; and
  • in case the candidate is not of legal age, written consent provided by a parent/guardian agreeing to the training.

Jane Stefanov, skydiving instructor, is carrying out the skydiving courses.

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