If you want to be a sports pilot or pursue a career as a professional pilot at the Aeroclub you can take the first step, a Private Pilot License (PPL).

The Pilot School Training Center operates under the Private Aircraft Pilot Training and Acquisition Program and covers standard student - pilot training. (MK JAR - FCL1). Successful learning of the theoretical and practical aspects of this program enables the pilot student to complete the training and pass the private jet pilot's license during their studies.

The student pilot must be at least 16 years of age before the first self-flying flight and must be at least 17 years old to be eligible for the PPC1 (A) exam.

The theoretical part of the training is 130 hours. The practical part of the flight training commences after listening to the following subjects: Basic knowledge of aircraft, Flight performance and planning, Basic principles of flight and Communication. While in flight training the student can study the following subjects: Meteorology, Navigation, Human abilities and limitations, Operational procedures, Aerospace regulations, and ATC procedures.

The candidate for PPL (A) must have at least 45 hours of eligibility before taking the exam. All 123 elements can be mastered by the Air Exercise Program in 123 flights.

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