Members of the Aeroclub can be all citizens who wish to deal with any of the aviation branches, or to contribute to the development of the sport aviation, or sports aviation sympathizers, who will express their wish for membership of the Aeroclub, will accept the Statute of AK Skopje, pay a membership fee and voluntarily sign a membership form.

By becoming member of the Aeroclub and paid membership fee, all members have the rights deriving from the Statute which basically includes:

  1. Right to obtain a membership card; For its members, Aeroclub provides the right to participate in domestic and international competitions.
  2. It financially participates in competitions with its own funds and funds provided by the Agency for Youth and Sports or other institutions.
  3. Members are entitled to use the material assets at their disposal or are assigned for use in accordance with the Decisions and Regulations adopted by the Managing Board of the Aeroclub.

Members of the Aeroclub shall exercise their statutory rights only if they comply with the following obligations:

  1. To abide by this Statute; Paying membership fee regularly;
  2. To properly and domestically use the allocated material, technical, flying and sports equipment;  
  3. Be aware of and abide by the provisions of the Aviation Act as well as the Rulebooks on Sports Competitions;
  4. Not to impose political and ideological influence on other members;
  5. Not to be the organizers of discord and rebellion between members of the home or other sections;
  6. Comply with the decisions of the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the management of the Aeroclub section;
  7. Worthy to represent the Aeroclub at all sporting and other events, which appear as its members.

Membership Registration Form

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