Sport Airport – “Stenkovec” – Skopje (LW75) is located northwest of the City of Skopje, 9 km from the city center, 200 meters east of the Skopje – Pristina highway.

The operator of the airport is DVT AEROCLUB SKOPJE DOO Cucer Sandevo, ul. Stenkovec Sports Airport no. 151A, Cucer Sandevo, P.O. box 11, 1012 Vizbegovo

Stenkovec Sports Airfield – Skopje was built from 1976 to 1986 on building permit no. UP-1 from 08.06.1976, issued by the then Republic Secretariat for Industry and Commerce of SRM. Technical acceptance has been made and authorization for use no. 5977/1 of 09.10.1986 by the then Federal Traffic and Communications Committee of the SFRY.


The airport is intended for:

– flying and training of pilots, glider pilots, and parashurters; 

– flying single-engine and multi-engine aircraft with a maximum landing weight that does not exceed 5700 kg;

– flying gliders;

– 500kg lightweight aircraft (ultra-lightweight);

– RC model flying; 


Basic information about Stenkovec Airfield Skopje:

– Parking, leasing, and hangar of aircraft that can operate at the airport.

– Aircraft arriving at or departing from, Stenkovec Airfield requires 24-hour advance notice to the airport’s authorized officer or manager. 

– Dejan Sazdovski is the manager of the airfield.

– The airfield is at the disposal of all operators with equal and fair conditions.

– The runway is 1200 m long and 50 m wide and extends in the direction of 122° – 302°

– Airport Reference Point (ARP): N 420 03’36, 36 ”; E 210 23 ’06, 77 ”; H = 318, 72 m.

– The altitude of the airfield in the middle of the runway is 318, 72 m, and the airport reference temperature measured in August is + 29 ° C.

– The airport has S-type fire-fighting APs intended for extinguishing class B, C, and E. fires (3 of 50 kg and 4 of 12 kg) that are regularly maintained. 

– “S” type appliances can switch off electrical installations under a voltage of 1000 volts.

– In case of need, fire extinguishing sand is also used at the very entrance of the hangar on both sides in red cut barrels.

Activities are announced at least 30 minutes before the start of the phone (02) 3148408. The announcement contains the details of the activities (a type of activity, number, and type of aircraft, zone, height of operation, route, etc.). The telephone is the preferred method and will be applied before the radio link announcement wherever possible, in order not to overload the long-range frequency that would impede the conduct of other air traffic.

When the telephone login mode is not possible, the announcement can also be made by radio on the approaching flight control at 120,30 MHz.

The aviation activities are announced by the activity manager and who will be responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of those activities for the entire duration of those activities.


Communication between aircraft operating in and out of airfield zones (sports frequency) is 123,50 or reserve is 122,50 MHz
Making contact with the flying tower 118.50 MHz
Frequency Skopje bandwidth 119.70 MHz
EMERGENCY Frequency 121.50 MHz
ATIS 130,125 MHz
The airport is capable of performing VFR flightж


Airport flight requires:

– Horizontal visibility of at least: 8 km

– The lower base height of clouds is at least: 450.QFE

– The vertical distance from the cloud base: 200 m

– The horizontal distance from clouds: 1500 m

– Target wind speed max: 10 m/s