The Aero Club Skopje is offering various types of aviation services. Flying is our core activity and we have extensive experience in managing aviation activities.

We are offering training for pilots, glider pilots, and skydivers.

We deliver jumping and flying training in line with our operational programs.

We have extensive experience in airborne leaflet advertising and sky banner advertising.

For already five years now, we have been performing wildlife rabies control activities, aimed at vaccinating foxes all around the Balkans by delivering oral rabies vaccine baits.

In 2017, we procured twin-engine aircraft, equipped with atomizers (sprayers) that can be used to spray insecticides, fungicides, and other products which are not harmful to the environment.

The aircraft service unit is operating in full compliance with the Part-145 of EASA Standards set by the European Union.

The Aero Club holds valid Operation Certificates issued by the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia in line with JAR FCL and is therefore authorized to offer the services referred to above.